Where To Buy Sound Effects Libraries

I often get asked where I’ve purchased sound effects libraries from, what sound effects library vendors are trustworthy, and which sound effects vendors produce the highest quality assets. 

Below I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of sound effect library vendors that host the highest quality sound effects, and I’ve also listed some sound categories of what these companies are known for. I’ve also sorted the companies from Indie Developers to Major labels in case you would like to support some of these amazing Indie Developers. 

This is not just a random list of companies that have sponsored this post, as a matter of fact, I’m not being paid by any of these companies. This is my personal list of all the companies I’ve purchased sound effects libraries from (with the exception of 2 companies that I really want sounds from and will very soon be rectified).

Let’s support these amazing library creators who allow us to produce amazing sonic content.

Indie Developers

Aftertouch Audio

Website: https://aftertouchaudio.com/sound-effect-store/
About: Guns, Cars, Sound Design, Voices, Water.

Thomas Beverly Rex

Website: https://thomasrexbeverly.com/collections/sound-libraries
About: Nature Recordings, Wildlife, Natural Sounds.

Bjarne Taurnier

The Recordist

Website: https://therecordist.com/
About: Guns, Gun Tails, Thunderstorms, Helicopters, Planes, Ambiances, Fire, Ice, Snow, Destruction, Trains, Vehicles.

Mattia Chellotto

Website: https://www.asoundeffect.com/sounddesigner/mattia-cellotto/
About: Sci-Fi, Explosions, Trailer Effects, Animals, Ultrasonic Recordings, Electricity.

Penguin Grenade

Website: https://www.paulstoughton.com/sfx-store
About: Sci-Fi, Magic, Weapons, Explosions, Engines.

Wow Sound

Website: https://wowsound.com/
About: Magic, Anime, Music

AxL Sound

Website: http://axlsound.com/
About: Ambiances, Sound Design, Vehicles.

Watson Wu

Website: https://www.watsonwu.com/
About: Aircraft, Ambiances, Vehicles, Guns, Crowds, Motorcycles, Boats.

Fly Sound

Website: https://flysound.ru/en/shop
Alternate Website: https://www.asoundeffect.com/sounddesigner/flysound/
About: Vehicles, Trains, Junk Yard, Geiger Counter, Tanks.

Rabbit Ear Audio

Website: https://rabbitearsaudio.com/
About: Ambiances, Sound Design, Rockets, Helicopters, Jets, Military Vehicles, Bells, Water, Engines, Motors, Metal, 

Hiss & Roar

Website: https://hissandaroar.com/v3/sound-effects-libraries/
About: Sound Design, Ultrasonic, Metal, Wood, Water, Foliage, Glass.

Alex Knickerbocker

Website: https://www.alexknickerbocker.com/s/shop
About: Vehicles, Helicopters, Ambiances, Animals, Military Vehicles, Sound Design, Rocks, Combat, Foley.


Website: https://www.ogawasound-online.com/shop-2
About: Sci-Fi, Water, Swords, Combat, Anime, Cicada, Crickets, Sound Design.

Sonic Shepherd

Website: https://sonicshepherd.com/
About: Elephants, Otter, Jets, Vehicles.

344 Audio

Website: https://www.344audio.com/store
About: General Libraries, Foley, Ambiances, Medieval, Sound Design, Voices, Gore, World Building, Bells, Animals, Doors, Water, Snow, Cartoon, Kitchen, Crowds, Horror.

Mindful Audio

Website: https://www.asoundeffect.com/sounddesigner/mindful-audio/
About: Ambiances, Whales, Volcano, Vehicles, Mechanical, Aircrafts, Metal, Sound Design.

Seth Swaaley

Website: https://www.sethswaaley.com/
About: Ambiances, Trains.


Website: https://www.hzandbits.com/
About: Ambiances, Bells, Percussion, Creatures, Machinery, Ambiances, Textures, Vehicles, Weather.


Website: https://larxaudio.com/
About: Animals, Ambiances.

Dramatic Cat

Website: https://www.dramaticcat.com/libraries
About: Vehicles, Boats, Guns, Motorcycles, Sound Design. 


Website: https://tovusound.com/instruments/
About: Foley, Footsteps.

Foley Collection

Website: https://www.foleycollection.com/shop/
About: Foley, Water, Footsteps.


Website: https://sonicsalute.com/
About: Animals, Sound Design, Ambiances, Mechanical, Construction, Foley, Ice, Mopeds, Car Crashes, 

Sound Bits

Website: https://soundbits.de/product-category/sound-fx-libraries/?v=624007ebb72f
About: Foley, Trailer Effects, Animals, Ambiances, Vehicles, Creatures, Metal, Gore, Horror, Sci-Fi.

Echo Collective FX

Website: https://echocollectivefx.com/
About: Sound Design, Foley, User Interface, Junkyard, Arrows, Timelaps, Mechanicals, Vehicles, Motorcycles, Ambainces, Helicopters.

Articulated Sounds

Website: https://articulatedsounds.com/audio-products
About: Atmospheres, Doors, Animals, Creatures, Magic, Sound Design, Foley, Weather, Cartoon, Ice.


Website: https://sonofex.com/product-category/sound-effects/
About: Ambiances, Water, Fireworks, Jets, Animals, Foley, Trains.

Mechanical Waves FX

Website: https://mechanicalwavesfx.com/collections/libraries
About: Vehicles, Glass, Foley, Rocks, Ambience, Animals, Water, Wood.


Website: https://www.soundopolis.net/
About: Foley, Metal, Animals, Fireworks, Sci-Fi, Foliage, Metal, Horror, Nature, Weather, Thunder, Rain, Glass, Water, Weapons.

Sound Rangers

Website: https://www.soundrangers.com/sound-effects-libraries/
About: Wind, Sound Design, User Interface, Thunder, Sci-Fi, Ambainces, Water, Ice, Foley, Rocks.

Gain Walkers

Website: https://gainwalkers.com/sound-libraries/
About: Ambiances, Water, Wind, Doors, Sound Design, Weather.

Just Sound Effects

Website: https://justsoundeffects.com/sound-libraries/
About: Insects, Mechanical, Doors, Water Robots, Ambiances, Electricity, Crowds, Vehicles, Debris, Steampunk, Weapons.

Walla Craft

Website: https://www.wallacraft.com/
About: Walla

Collected Transients

Website: https://collectedtransients.com/
About: Sound Design, Ambiances.

New Sound Lab

Website: https://www.newsoundlab.com/
About: Motors, Steam, Water, Foley, Robots, Gears, Machines, Vehicles, Ambiances, Rock.


Website: https://www.bonson.ca/
About: Character Foley, Creature Wings, Creature Feet, Water. 

The Sound Catcher

Website: https://thesoundcatcher.com/
About: Foley, Vehicles, Glass.

Shaping Waves

Website: https://www.shapingwaves.com/?v=3e8d115eb4b3
About: Insects, Machines, World Building, Aircraft, Mechanical, Sound Design, Ambiances.

Avo Sound

Website: https://www.avosound.com/en/
About: Ambainces, Impulse Responses.

Library Empty Sea

Website: https://library.empty-sea.com/shop
About: Robots, Creatures, Foley, User Interface, Dronos.

Sound Response

Website: https://www.soundresponse.net/
About: Cartoon, Sound Design, Anime, Trailer, Sci-Fi, Creatures, Magic, Drones, Weapons.


Website: https://www.surroundsoundlab.net/
About: Drones, Water, Vehicles, Ambiances, Animals, Sound Design, Water, Metal, Thunder, Fireworks.

Slava Pogorelsky

Website: https://www.slavapogorelsky.com/shop
About: Metal, Ice, Water, Wood, Sci-Fi, Magic.


Website: https://www.surroundsoundlab.net/
About: Ambiances, Water, Electromagnetic Fields.

Major Vendors

Strata Audiokinetic

Website: https://www.audiokinetic.com/en/products/strata/https://www.prosoundeffects.com/
About: Weapons, User Interface, Vehicles, Sci-Fi, Robotic, Foley, Magic, Medieval Weapons, Firearms, Explosions, Foley, Creatures, Animals, Ambiances, Fire, Water, Aircrafts, Physics. 

Boom Library

Website: https://www.boomlibrary.com/
About: General Libraries, Sci-Fi, Trailer, Ambiances, Guns, Cannons, Impulse Responses, Medieval Weapons, Creatures, Tools, Sound Design, Foley, Magic, Explosions, Fire, Water, Destruction, Vehicles.

Pro Sound Effects (PSE)

Website: https://www.prosoundeffects.com/
About: General Libraries, Vehicles, Trailer, Sound Design, Water, Anime, Foley, Mechanical, Guns, Boats, Planes, Animals, Aircraft, Fire, Ambiances, Metal.

Sweet SFX

Website: https://sweetsfx.com/
About: Vehicles, Motorcycles, Vehicle Tyres, Black Powder Weapons, Animals.

Sound Morph

Website: https://www.soundmorph.com/
About: Guns, Gore, Water, Fire, Software, Sound Design, Trailer, User Interface, Drones, Future Weapons, Magic.


Website: https://tonsturm.com/
About: Ambiances, Sci-Fi, Combat, Mechanical, Fire, Explosions, Wind, Creatures, Gore, Sound Design.

Rock The Speakerbox

Website: https://www.rockthespeakerbox.com/
About: Sci-Fi, Destruction, Medieval, Combat, Mechanical, Magic.

Red Libraries

Website: https://www.redlibraries.com/
About: Ambiences, Animals, Cinematics, Foley, Mechanisms, Sci-Fi, Textures.

Pole Position Productions

Website: https://pole.se/shop/
About: Cars, Tanks, Boats, Helicopters, Planes, Ambiances, Guns Foley.

Sound Ideas

Website: https://www.sound-ideas.com/Collection/52/2/0/Foley-Sound-Effects
About: General Sound Effects Catalog

A Sound Effect

Website: https://www.asoundeffect.com/
About: General Sound Effects Catalog

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