MASTERGUN – Master Gun The Armoury Bundle



The Master Gun Armoury Bundle is an ever-evolving library that currently contains 43 out of the 270 Guns being sampled for the bundle. We are sampling 24 Pistols, 72 Rifles, 25 LMGs/HMGs, 22 Sniper Rifles, 20 SMGs, 10 Shotguns, 60 Suppressed Weapons, 3 Grenade Launchers, & Extra Libraries. plus 34 bonus sound effects libraries. Purchasing this collection guarantees you all future updates towards the Master Gun Armoury Bundle. (19,344 Total Files, 313.64GB Total).

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    Elevate your weapon sound design with the Master Gun Armoury Bundle Sound Effects Library. Captured with unparalleled precision using cutting-edge techniques, microphones, and recording equipment. The Master Gun Armoury Bundle includes an extensive collection of shots and foley recordings all captured at 192KHz


    The Master Gun Armoury Bundle is the collection of all of our Master Gun Libraries and 34 Bonus legacy libraries only available within the Master Gun Vault Bundle. Inside the vault contains 236 deep sampled weapons (+34 bonus guns) including, 24 Pistols, 72 Rifles, 25 LMGs/HMGs, 22 Sniper Rifles, 20 SMGs, 10 Shotguns, 60 Suppressed Weapons, 3 Grenade Launchers, & Extra Libraries.


    If you would like to check where the collection is currently, you can view our spreadsheet here








    Three Types Of Shots

    Some of the guns within The Master Gun Armoury Bundle have been recorded with suppressed (62), unsuppressed (236) & subsonic shots (15) using identical microphone configurations. This will give you ultimate flexibility in your projects to seamlessly switch between louder, more aggressive firearms to those more subdued and stealthy. We even commissioned custom suppressors for most of our LMGS and Shotguns so you will even be able to suppress the loudest of guns.








    The Armoury Bundle includes a large collection of Single Shots, Burst Shots, and Mag Dumps, all captured from 18-20 different microphone perspectives. 4 Muzzle Options, 2 Mech Microphones, 6 Body Options, and 8 Distant Perspectives including 10ft, 50ft, 150ft, and 250ft. All of the raw shots are delivered to you at 192Khz 32Bit Float. 



    The Armoury Bundle was captured on a hilltop within the Las Vegas Desert giving you natural wide open tails. We have also placed all of our spot microphones in such a way that you have the driest possible sound. This is perfect for worldizing your weapons just by swapping the distant microphones.


    The Armoury Bundle FOLEY

    We not only captured an extensive collection of shots, but we also included a deep collection of mechanical sounds. Every gun has had a full collection of foley recorded giving you everything you need to re-create these guns in your Games, Films, or TV Shows. 





    The Armoury Bundle DESIGNED

    Each shot was designed and processed by two separate designers. 

    Tylers Mixes: Includes an Aggressive 1st Person Stereo Mix with and without tails.

    Aaron Mixes: Includes a well-rounded mix with 1st person, 3rd person, and distant mixes for game ready implementation.













    Bonus Libraries

    Only available in the complete Master Gun Vault you’ll also get access to all of our legacy gun libraries from our 1st round of recording. These libraries are not available anywhere else and include: Blaser LRS2, HK53, HK33, Remington 1100 20G, Remington 870, Sten MKII, Barrett M99, M2 Carbine, .357 Magnum, DDM4ISR, Browning Hi-Power, M3A1 Grease Gun, RPD, PKM, M1 Garand, Beretta M9, Kriss Vector, VZ.61 Skorpion, MP40, Judge 454, Browning M2HB, Benelli M2, AK107, Barrett M107A1, Barrett M82A1, AKV, BAR, Beretta M96 INOX, FN FAL, Colt 1911, M240B, AK47,






    We had a dream to set out and create the world’s largest collection of firearm recordings that were catered towards video game development.
    We had three goals, High-Quality Recordings, Dry Recordings, and Easily Swappable Tails for worldizing your guns. And we achieved that.










    If you are looking to equip your game, film, or sound effects library with a wide range of guns, we offer you the ability to create your own bundles. To take advantage of these discounts you simply just need to add libraries to your cart and the discount will automatically be applied.








The Master Gun Collection features 18/20 expertly placed microphones. We have included 3 stereo body microphones, 1 stereo mech microphone pair, 2 stereo muzzle microphones, 1 stereo 10-foot microphone pair, 1 stereo 50-foot microphone pair, 1 stereo 150-foot microphone pair, &  1 stereo 250-foot microphone pair. In our experiments we found the mech microphones were the most important microphones in capturing the character of the guns, so we spared no expense and placed 2 Neumann KRM 81i mt’s only millimetres away from the mech of the gun. We also used these Neumanns to capture all of the foley for each gun.










UCS Compatible Metadata Embedded

All files contain extensive metadata to provide you with the fastest and easiest workflow possible. Metadata can be read and processed by audio management tools. Some digital audio workstations feature an included search tool that can also read embedded metadata.