Ice Singing – Arctic Ice Lasers


Recorded on a frozen lake at the Road To Nowhere in Iqaluit Nunavut, Ice Singing – Arctic Ice Lasers Sound Effects Library contains 336 Sounds (84 files) across 4 microphones, delivered at 192Khz 24bit totaling 1.36GB

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      Ice Singing – Arctive Ice Lasers Sound Effects Library

      Ice Singing or Ice Squeaking is a phenomenon that occurs because rock or other objects impact the ice causing vibrations to travel through the frozen surface, creating a high-pitched sound that can resemble the sound of lasers. The exact sound can vary depending on the size and speed of the rock, the condition of the ice, and other factors, but it is a unique and captivating auditory experience.








      The Ice Singing Sound Effects Library features 4 microphones placed above, below, and attached to the ice. Our above microphones including the ultrasonic Sanken CO100K & the CMIT 5U placed extremely close to the surface of the ice. These microphones were meant to be layered together to give you a hyper-focused ultrasonic above-ice perspective.


      Our underwater & attached microphones include the H1a Hydrophone placed under the ice and the LOM Geofon stabbed into the ice. These microphones can be used as standalone microphones or can be combined with the above surface microphones to enhance the low frequencies. Both sets of microphones are combined into one file to cover the complete frequency spectrum from ultra lows to ultra highs.



      Ice Singing, Ice Squeaking, Ice Lasers, Sound Effects Library, SFX Library



      Ice Singing, Ice Squeaking, Ice Lasers, Sound Miner, Sound Effects Library, SFX Library




      Sound Effects Delivery:

      Each of the 84 files contains the 4 microphone options embedded into a single file totaling 336 Sound Effects. Delivering the files in this way not only helps keep the file count lower for easier navigation but also allows you to use your library managers like Sound Miner, Soundly, Bass Head, Sound Q, and others to select and combine any microphones you would like and then pitch and process the files before they reach your DAW.










      What Causes Ice Singing Or Ice Squeaking:

      The laser-like sound that is made when you skip a rock across the frozen lake is a result of something called acoustic dispersion. A single sound – striking the ice with a rock, is made up of vibrations of lots of different frequencies. There are high frequencies, low frequencies, and everything in between. After the rock hits the ice, those vibrations move outwards away from the source through the ice, but the higher-frequency vibrations go faster than the lower-frequency ones. The more ice they travel through, the more spread out they get, and because the higher frequency vibrations travel faster, they reach your ears first and then the lower vibrations, resulting in the PEWWwwww sound.


      Ice Singing, Ice Squeaking, Ice Lasers, Sound Effects Library, SFX Library



      UCS Metadata, Sound Effects Library, SFX Library, Sound Miner, Bass Head, Soundly, Sound Q






      UCS Compatible Metadata Embedded

      All files contain extensive metadata to provide you with the fastest and easiest workflow possible. Metadata can be read and processed by audio management tools. Some digital audio workstations feature an included search tool that can also read embedded metadata.