2009 Ford Eco Sport


The Ford Eco Sport Sound Effects library features 130 files, totalling 10.6GB of recordings. This collection features the sounds of a Ford SUV 1.6L 4 Cylinder Engine Each file in this collection has been meticulously edited and mastered to give you an instant ready-to-use vehicle library.

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      The 2009 Ford Eco Sport Sound Effects Library by Aftertouch Audio is a comprehensive sound catalog for the subcompact crossover SUV. We have used a number of top-quality microphones, all recording simultaneously to fully capture this vehicle, including the DPA 4060s, 40601s, & 4062s, along with Neumann KRM81i mts, Neumann RSM191s, Sennheiser 50s, Sennheiser 30s, Sennheiser 416, Sennheiser AMBEO, Schopes 641 Schopes CMC641, Sanken C100K, & the Sony PCM D100.







      Game & Film Ready

      Each and every sound in this collection has been meticulously edited to deliver the best possible post-production experience. Our goal with our vehicle libraries is to provide you with instantly usable recordings for both film and game productions. With the vast variety of sounds available within this collection, you will have everything you need to edit both complex and simple car sequences.







      Onboard & Exterior

      The 2009 Ford Eco Sport SFX Library was recorded with 29 microphones placed in the engine bay, air intake, exhaust, tires, interior, & exterior of the vehicle. We recorded an extensive collection of driving effects such as Crawl Driving, Slow Driving, Medium Driving, Fast Driving, Manouvers, Parallel Park, U-Turns, Revs, Ramps, Reverse Driving, Driving Standard, Start, Idle, Stop, Away, Approach, Passby Reverse, Passby Doppler Horn, Passby Crawl, Passby Slow, Passby Medium, & Passby Fast.


      Foley & Gizmos

      We left no stone unturned when recording the Ford Ecosport. We recorded every button, every switch, & every mechanism with the Sanken Neumann RSM 191, C100K & the Schoeps 641, if it made a sound, we recorded it from both the interior of the car and the exterior of the car.



      Multi-Channel Recordings

      We’ve recorded and delivered the Ford Eco Sport sound effects library in a multichannel format so you can take the same recording from four different attached perspectives (Exhaust, Engine, Tire, and Interior) and create your own mixes, or you can use our mixes on channel 1 & 2.


      For our exterior microphone setups, we have six stations, including Arrive/Away Station 1 (Tracking & Static), Arrive/Away Station 2 (Tracking & Static), Passby Station (Tracking & Static). Our Stereo-static stations give you a less focused image as the car passes by the microphones, whereas our mono-tracking station keeps the vehicle in focus throughout the multiple different types of maneuvers.






      UCS Compatible Metadata Embedded

      All files contain extensive metadata to provide you with the fastest and easiest workflow possible. Metadata can be read and processed by audio management tools. Some digital audio workstations feature an included search tool that can also read the embedded metadata.